How to enroll at Télécom Paris: tuitions, fees and scholarships

Administratives steps – Fall 2019

1/ Campus Life Contribution (CVEC)

Since the start of the 2018 academic year, pursuant to the law of 8 March 2018 supporting student success and orientation, students in initial training programs (including students who receive grants or scholarships and students who enroll through exchange programs) must pay the CVEC contribution. This new contribution was introduced to support students’ integration and their social health, culture and sport services on campus.

The CVEC contribution for the 2018/2019 school year is €90. It must be paid during registration every year.
Students who enroll in more than one program for the same academic year will only have to pay the contribution once. The CVEC contribution must be paid to the CROUS. Once you have paid the fee, you may download a CVEC payment confirmation which will be required to register at Télécom Paris.

2/ Registration

You must register at Télécom Paris through an online procedure. You will receive an email in August indicating the registration website. You must complete your registration and proceed to paying the tuition fees.

You will also be asked to agree to the conditions laid out in the Télécom Paris information charter, authorizing the possible transfer of your data in compliance with the GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation). You will be provided with a personal computer account which you will use throughout the course of your studies.

Your student card will be issued once you have completed your registration and paid your tuition and fees.

Tuition fees

Tuition for the 2018-2019 academic year for students in the engineering program is: €2,650 for new students who are nationals of European Union countries; €4,150 for new students who are not nationals of European Union countries (note: non-European students who hold a temporary residence permit and have been declared as a member of a tax household located in France for at least two years pay the tuition for European students: €2,650).

Please note: you must pay tuition and register for social security before 30 September of the current year. Students who receive higher education scholarships from the government or are wards of the state are fully exempt from tuition fees, as well as the social security affiliation fee.

Social Security and Health Insurance

Since the beginning of the 2018 academic year, the student social security procedure has been simplified. The annual affiliation procedure is no longer necessary and the €217 fee has been dropped.

If you were already a student at a French higher education institution in 2017-2018

For the 2018-2019 academic year, you are still registered with the student social security system and remain attached to the same social security office as in 2017-2018. You may not change.

The student social security system will cease to exist on 31 August 2019. At that time, all students previously covered by a student mutual insurance company will automatically be attached to the CPAM (Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie – French Health Insurance) of their place of residence.

If you are a foreign student enrolling at a French higher education institution for the first time for the 2018-2019 academic year

You must register with the « General System » of the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie (CPAM) in your place of residence. This registration is mandatory. Registration on the website.

Need-based scholarships

Télécom Paris, a member of IMT (Institut Mines-Télécom, a public institution under the authority of the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Digital Sector) has its own scholarship system which maintains its independence in applying the criteria of the CNOUS. This contributes to greater equality for students enrolling at the School.

IMT scholarships may be awarded to engineering students who apply for them. Scholarship amounts are based on family income and the tax household information. Students must submit scholarship applications to the Télécom Paris social services department at the beginning of the school year.

These scholarships are funded through the Higher Education in Telecommunications provisions, based on criteria established by the French Ministry of Education.

They are awarded by the School Director, after consulting the Academic Committee, following proposals from the Scholarship Review Board. The Scholarship Review Board includes the IMT social worker and social services coordinators from the Schools.

Students who receive scholarships are exempt from paying tuition and social security fees. For information about scholarships and social security contact the social services department:

  • Frantz CayolAdmissions CoordinatorTélécom Parisemailemail

A school social worker is also available to inform and advise students and direct them to the appropriate services. Télécom Paris students who may be eligible for IMT scholarships based on social criteria may use a scholarship simulator set up by the CNOUS, which allows them to determine the amount of their scholarship for the academic year.

Please note that each program at Télécom Paris has its own rules about tuition fees.

  • Dual Master’s Degree programs with university partners
  • Post-Master’s Programs

Residence permit

Students who are nationals of European Union and Schengen Area countries are not required to hold residence permits. You can prove your nationality by presenting your valid identity card or passport. Students who are nationals of other countries must obtain a residence permit. You must apply for this residence permit and provide additional documents such as proof of housing, proof of enrollment at the school, your visa etc.

Students enrolled in the engineering program, foreign students enrolled in dual degree programs, and non-degree students may request application materials from:

  • Ana BalavoineInternational Relations AssistantTélécom Parisemailemail

Students enrolled in Post-Master’s programs may request application materials from:

  • Cevanne HaicaultAdministrative and Business AssistantTélécom Parisemailemail