Back to school September 2021

Please note that at the time of publication activities in September 2021 are expected to be face to face.
Depending on governmental measures and the evolution of the Covid crisis, Télécom reserves the right to modify mode of delivery. Updates will be published on our website.

You’re a student entering the Master’s Cycle as a 2nd year student at Télécom Paris (24 months):

Master 1 students or international equivalent; International Exchange Program students

  • From Saturday 28th August to Wednesday 1st September included: integration weekend “WEI” organized by the Student Council
  • Friday 3rd September at 10am: welcome day & full day of administrative & class registration for new arrivals
  • Monday 6th September at 6pm: official start of the year ceremony with the School Director
Provisional schedule


  • Welcome to your school, by Nicolas Glady, President of Télécom Paris
  • The training offer, by Bertrand David, Director of Education
  • Societal and environmental transition, by Johanna Legru, Social Diversity and Disability delegate
  • The Télécom Paris alumni association, by Laura Peytavin, President of Télécom Paris alumni, and Amandine Moutte, student/alumni relations administrator
  • Photo of the 2024 class
  • provisional schedule: from 6pm to 7:30pm



  • Wednesday 8th & Thursday 9th September: compulsory workshops on social & ecological themes
  • Friday 10th September: first day of classes as per your schedule
  • Contacts:


  • Sylvia Alves De SousaStudy advisorTélécom Parisemailemail
  • Jérôme CahorsStudy advisorTélécom Parisemailemail
  • Magali LeblondStudy advisorTélécom Parisemailemail
  • Carole PeltierStudy advisorTélécom Parisemailemail