ParisTech Entrepreneurs Incubator

The digital world provides a myriad of business creation opportunities. Our engineers know this and take the leap into entrepreneurship at various stages in their careers. For them, and for all those who wish to start innovative digital businesses, Télécom ParisTech has opened two incubators, one in Paris and one in Sophia Antipolis, to support budding digital entrepreneurs.


ParisTech Entrepreneurs in Paris

Located in Paris’s 14th arrondissement, this incubator is a facility supported by schools in the ParisTech group and specifically backed by Télécom ParisTech.

The incubator hosts and supports entrepreneurs, some of which are Télécom ParisTech alumni. Over thirty start-ups take advantage of this facility and grow their business there every year.

Télécom ParisTech EURECOM Entrepreneurs in Sophia Antipolis

Located in the center of Sophia Antipolis, near EURECOM, this incubator is for Télécom ParisTech students, PhDs and alumni who choose to develop their projects at this technology park. But it is also open more broadly to all entrepreneurs with innovative projects in the field of information technology.


A Paris

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