Masters at Télécom Paris

Télécom Paris is the referent institution for the following Masters courses at the Paris-Saclay University

Mention Computer Science

  • Advanced Communication Networks (ACN )
  • Data & Knowledge – Données et Connaissances (D&K )

Mention Innovation, Enterprise and Society

  • Network industries and digital economy (IREN )
  • Imaginary Modelling, Innovation and Creation (MODIM)

Mention Electrical Engineering
Multimedia Networking (MN )


Candidates for one of these five Masters must apply on the Paris-Saclay University website .

Foreign students concerned by the Campus France CEF procedure must, in parallel, submit their application to the Master on Paris-Saclay University website.

Enrollment and Tuition fees

Students accepted in the ACN, D&K, IREN, MN, and MODIM Masters are pedagogically enrolled at Télécom Paris and some of them must also proceed their administrative enrollment there, including payments for the tuition and the social security fees.

Double Master’s degree/Engineer (Paris-Saclay University and other universities)

Students enrolled in their 3rd year of the engineering degree at Telecom Paris can opt for a double degree Master 2/engineer.

Télécom Paris is a founding member of the Paris-Saclay University

Since the 2015-16 academic year, Télécom Paris offers Master level courses at the Paris-Saclay University. These courses are organized in 48 accredited courses and aim to give students access to an international level training.

Benefiting from the pooling together of the resources and attractiveness of partners, Telecom Paris aims to enable students to gain access to a job and to enhance their knowledge in various scientific and economic sectors, both in academic laboratories and in the Socio-economic world or specific professional sectors (education, legal careers, health professions, services, etc.).

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Candidacies for the mutualized Masters of the Paris-Saclay University are centralized on the common website of applications accessible here: