Housing and dining

The Paris-Saclay campus provides students with a wide variety of housing and dining opportunities in the immediate vicinity of Télécom Paris.


Housing available through a one-stop shop

Seven residences, in Palaiseau and in Le Moulon, are available through a “one-stop shop”.

In Palaiseau – Less than a 10-minute walk from the School:

Residence ARPEJ Alexandre Manceau

26 cours Pierre Vasseur

91120 Palaiseau

Résidence KLEY Saclay

1 place Marguerite Perey

91120 Palaiseau

Residence CROUS Jean d'Ormesson

20 cour Pierre Vasseur

91120 Palaiseau


In Le Moulon – 15 minutes from the School via the 91.06 bus:

Residence CESAL

1 rue Joliot-Curie

91190 Gif-sur-Yvette

Residence CROUS Georges Sand

16 rue André Blanc Lapierre

91190 Gif-sur-Yvette

Residence CROUS Eillen Gray

1 rue d’Arsonval

91400 Orsay


Housing not available through the one-stop shop

Télécom Paris offers students housing in other residences with wich it has agreements, beyond those available through the one-stop shop.

Cité Universitaire Internationale de Paris (approximately 45 minutes from the School)

In its 40 houses spread over a 34-hectare park, the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris welcomes 5600 students, researchers and artists from more than 130 nationalities.

The heart of the capital is reachable in a few minutes by the RER B station Cité Universitaire or line 4, station Porte d’Orléans. The T3a tram passes just in front of the Cité Universitaire.

Our residences

106 individual comfort rooms: 50 rooms at the MEASE ParisTech (House of Students of Southeast Asia), 20 rooms at the House of Morocco, 36 rooms at the House of the Provinces of France.

House of Students of Southeast Asia

House of Morocco

House of the Provinces of France

Monthly fee

As of September 1, 2018

  • Single room (except at the House of Morocco): 566 € (internet access included)
  • Single room at the House of Morocco: 455 € (internet access included)

ALS (Student Housing Assistance): € 85 for non-scholarship students or € 112 for student scholarship students.

Residence ECLA  (approximately 20 minutes from the School vie the 91.06 bus)

16 avenue Emile Baudot

91120 Palaiseau

Housing accessible via the STUDAPART portal

The STUDAPART Télécom Paris portal gives you access to a housing stock from individuals and professionals.

Other residences

Other residences are located in cities around the School:

In Palaiseau :

Residence le Compas

73 rue Gutenberg

91120 Palaiseau

In the Camille Claudel district :

ARPEJ Edgar Faure

21, rue Maximilien Robespierre


CAMPUSEA Palaiseau

26-28 route de Saclay

91120 Palaiseau

STUDEA Palaiseau Centre

13 route de Saclay

91120 Palaiseau

In Les Ulis

Residence CROUS Le Bosquet

15 rue le Bosquet

91940 Les Ulis

In Antony

Residence CROUS Jean Zay

55 avenue du Général de Gaulle

92763 Antony cedex

In the Atlantis Massy district :


8 rue Jean François de la Pérouse

Massy 91300

FAC-HABITAT Simone de Beauvoir

2B Place de l’Union Européenne

91300 Massy

FAC-HABITAT Léonard de Vinci

22 Rue Léonard de Vinci

91300 Massy

STUDEFI Eric Tabarly

6-8 rue Eric Tabarly

91300 Massy


34 rue Victor Basch

91300 MASSY

In Orsay :

Residence CROUS La Pacaterie

Bâtiment 499 – rue de la Pacaterie

91400 Orsay

Residence CROUS Les jardins de Fleming

21 rue André Maginot

91400 Orsay

In Châtenay-Malabry :

Résidence CROUS Vincent Fayot

75 rue Vincent Fayo

92290 Châtenay-Malabry


Reception of foreign students

Télécom Paris has signed a partnership agreement with Science Accueil to facilitate the installation of staff and students of the School.

To benefit from the services of Science Accueil, you must first register on the site (in French or in English) More specifically, Science Accueil proposes to foreign students of Télécom Paris:

Information on the availability of furnished housing

Contact:  housing@science-accueil.org

Administrative assistance on problems related to mobility

The Science Accueil team helps you with your visa, residence permit and renewal, work permit, health insurance, bank account, insurance, schooling and childcare…

Contact: procedures@science-accueil.org

French as a Foreign Languages courses

Science Accueil offers French courses in Orsay, Bures-sur-Yvette, Gif-sur-Yvette, Plateau de Moulon and Évry.

Contact: fle@science-accueil.org

Bilingual cultural outing in Île-de-France

Science Accueil offer outings in the south of Île-de-France, Paris and France; or events, specially organized for recipents of Science Accueil and their families.

Contact: alister@science-accueil.org

Some tips before you sign a lease

For each residence, check which fees are included in the rent indicated and which fees you are responsible for paying. Don’t hesitate to bring someone with you during the move-in and move-out inspections (états des lieux), in order to avoid any disputes.

Helpful links

Housing assistance


The Télécom Paris building houses a restaurant and a cafeteria which can serve up to 1,000 meals a day. These dining facilities are open to students, faculty and staff of the Paris-Saclay campus.
diaporama-telecom-paristech-grafton-architects_0004_Telecom ParisTech - Grafton Architects - 39129195844_d4593435ba_o
View of the new Télécom Paris restaurant. image: Grafton Architects

Students may also choose from other restaurants right around the School:

  • EDF Restaurant – Brasserie (open to Télécom Paris students through an agreement)
  • “Au living” Restaurant
  • Two university restaurants
  • École polytechnique cafeteria and restaurant (open to Télécom Paris students through an agreement)
  • ENSTA Paris cafeteria

The campus is still under construction and will include new restaurants and brasseries open to everyone, starting in 2020.