Admissions for École polytechnique students through dual degree agreement


Are you a third-year student at École polytechnique? You can complete your fourth year of professional studies at Télécom Paris, as set out in the École polytechnique/Télécom Paris dual degree agreement.

Application process

Télécom Paris does not have requirements in terms of specific programs or specialized courses students must have completed. But the jury does consider whether the courses taken at École polytechnique are consistent with those you wish to take at Télécom Paris in light of your career goals.

Admission to Télécom Paris is based on students’ academic records and an interview with a research professor from the school. Your application must include a cover letter, CV and academic transcripts.

You can apply online starting in November. The application deadline is in early December. Interviews are scheduled in January. Students receive admission notifications in February.

Places available: 40

19 École polytechnique students were admitted to the second year of Télécom Paris’s engineering program in 2018.

Contacts for completing your fourth year of studies at Télécom Paris

Admissions coordinator

  • Françoise SchlottererAdmissions Coordinator and Deputy Dean of StudiesTélécom Parisemailemail

Dean of Studies

  • Bertrand DavidDean of StudiesTélécom Parisemailemail