Post-Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity and Cyberdefence

Become a high-level expert in information systems security

Full-time | Saclay Campus, in Palaiseau


Le MS Cybersécurité Cyberdéfense sur Campus Channel


Master the concepts and techniques associated with security architectures and methods deployed in the wired and wireless IP world.

Be able to guarantee efficient and secure corporate communication.


The cyber security and cyber defence sectors are very popular with students and companies alike. The exponential growth of data and the explosion of information systems are increasing the threats and are pushing companies and public services to anticipate risks by recruiting cyber experts.

The Post-Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity and Cyberdefense is intended for computer engineers who wish to become high-level specialists in information systems security, or for professionals in the field with a good knowledge of the needs of companies and who wish to acquire a high level of technical mastery.

MS Cyber : Loubna Hachmane
MS Cyber : Mireille Fares



  • The courses cover theoretical and technical aspects as well as methodological or legal aspects of the security of networks and computer systems, and more generally of information systems.
  • A professional thesis is defended after a period of 4 to 6 months in a company.


Programming and cryptography

  • Mathematical reminders;
  • Security service and cryptographic mechanism;
  • Methods, Practices and Advanced Hacking;
  • Java programming and Javacard.

Infrastructure and Networks

  • Internet infrastructure ;
  • Principles, methods architecture and protocol, access control and identity management;
  • Network applications and data transport;
  • Trust infrastructure and implementation;
  • Wireless communication and autonomous networks;
  • « Forensic systems and networks.

Management and security

  • Security of networks and computer systems ;
  • Operational safety and security;
  • Management and organization of the security of an information system ;
  • Blockchain and encryption: analysis and implementation ;
  • Security of embedded systems ;
  • Security and vulnerability audit.

Professional Theses

The four- to six-month mission in a company, known as a professional thesis, provides a pedagogical and professional complement to the teaching received at the school and allows the student to confront the reality and daily life of information system security in a company.

Examples of professional thesis, defended after a period of 4 to 6 months in a company :

  • Analysis of the security of mobile applications
    Integration of smartphones as strong authentication tools
  • Manual penetration testing and penetration test automation platform
  • Support tools for PCI DSS compliance audits
  • Study and development around the PKCS#11 standard
    IS vulnerability analysis at the master plan level
  • Study and implementation of the Krause attack of the A5 (GSM) and EO (Bluetoooth) algorithms.
  • Study of security vulnerabilities related to IP fragmentation
  • Study, design and realization of a security metric.
  • Study and implementation of a PKI
  • IS segmentation and distributed access control for a large company

Level of French required

All our Post-Master Degrees demand a very good level in French language in order to feel comfortable in following the classes that are long and complex, to understand the nuances of the French language, even the most subtle, and be able to take your written exams in French. A C1 level in French is the minimum required. A C2 level is even recommended. The better you will speak French, the easier the understanding of your classes will be, which is the key of your success in your studies.


Main recruiters: IT systems and network equipment manufacturers, telecom operators, large companies, SMEs, banks, industries, as well as IT and network consulting companies.

Graduates of the Post-Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity and Cyberdefense are prepared for the following functions:

  • Security Auditors
  • Design engineers for specific systems in the service sector
  • Project managers
  • I.S. Security Manager
  • R&D engineers…

Companies that trust our graduates:

Athéos, Alstom, Gendarmerie Nationale, PSA, NetReviews, Moneo, Cassidian


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