The CRDN put at your disposal different research tools. To research inside Télécom Paris’ collections, you can use different tools like Focus or Koha but also the Classification plan (in french) of the library.

CRDN collection cover five mains areas

  • Scientific collection (mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry and biology, electronics, engineering sciences, information and signal theory and  telecommunications) with a speciality in the digital field.
  • Ecomonic and social sciences and Humanities and Social sciences collection (economic science, management, law, sociology, psychology, philosophy, education, linguistics, history and civilisation, travel guides, arts and culture).
  • Language books (arab, chinese, english, french, french as a foreign language, german, italian, japonese, russian – polish and spanish – portuguese).
  • Novels (in all the languages quoted above).
  • Comics books and graphic novels (english, french, german, spanish and italian).

Documentary research tools

Focus (Télécom Paris discovery tool)
20 000 books, 1 200 e-books, 60 000 digital journals and tens of millions of articles.
User guide (english)

VLeBooks (our ebooks platform)
On VLeBooks, you can search and read ebooks bought by the CRDN.
Don’t forget to connect via Shibboleth to have access to all our ebooks


Koha (IMT libraries catalogue)
You will find more than 130 000 references of printed books, journals, ebooks and other electronics resources.
User guide (french)

Sudoc (catalogue by higher educational libraries)
User guide (french)

Digital resources

Science and technology (computer science, mathematics, electronics, physics, etc.)

ACM - Association Computing Machinery
Areas covered: computer science, information science.
Format: database of full-text articles.
Access: on-site (IP) and remote access (VPN).

The ACM Digital Library (DL) is the world’s most comprehensive database of full-text articles and bibliographic literature covering computing and information technology. This renowned repository includes the complete collection of ACM publications plus an extended bibliographic database of core works in computing from scholarly publishers.

User guide


MathSciNet - American Mathematical Society
Areas covered: fundamental mathematics and applied mathematics.
Format: online bibliographic database.
Access: on-site (IP) and remote access (VPN).

MathSciNet contains all of the contents of the journal Mathematical Reviews (MR) since 1940 along with an extensive author database, links to other MR entries, citations, full journal entries, and links to original articles.

It contains almost 3.6 million items and over 2.3 million links to original articles.
Along with its parent publication Mathematical Reviews, MathSciNet has become an essential tool for researchers in the mathematical sciences.

You can research also on the Mathematics Subject Classification.

User guide


ScienceDirect - Elsevier
Areas covered: hard sciences and human sciences.
Format: full-text database.
Access: on-site (IP) and remote access (VPN).

ScienceDirect is Elsevier’ full-text database with almost a quarter of the world’s peer-reviewed scientific content. It’s home to nearly 2,200 journals, 900 serials and 25,000 book titles. Our subscription only includes the access to the journals.

User guide


Areas covered: multidisciplinary.
Format: our ebooks platform.
Access: on-site (IP) and remote access (VPN).


IEEEXplore - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Areas covered: electronics, computer science, telecommunications.
Format: database of full-text articles.
Access: on-site (IP) and remote access (VPN).

IEEE Xplore digital library is a research database for : discovery and access to journal articles, conference proceedings, technical standards, and related materials on computer science, electrical engineering and electronics, and allied fields. IEEE Xplore provides web access to more than 5 million documents from publications in computer science, electrical engineering, electronics and allied fields.


REE - Revue de l’électricité et de l’électronique
Areas covered: electricity and electronics.
Format: Reserved access (database of full-text articles).
Access: on-site (IP) and remote access (VPN) only through Eole.

Funded in 1995, Télécom Paris put at their students’ and staff’s disposal the REE journals that are available since 2013. The CRDN has also subscribed to the paper format.

SpringerLink - Springer
Areas covered (multidisciplinary): medicine, life science, computer science, electronics, linguistics, science of materials, mathematics, physics, economics, management.
Format: database of full-text articles.
Access: on-site (IP) and remote access (VPN).

  • SpringerLink is an unequaled collection of Online Journals, ebooks, eReference.
    Works and eBook Series, with more than 3 million contributions.
    A retro-digitized archive of journals and a selection of book series.
  • SpringerLink ebooks: Télécom Paris subscribed to LNCS – Lecture notes in Computer Science (from 1973 until now).
  • Permanent access to the archives that Télécom Paris gained access through licences nationals ISTEX (1900 journals, goes until 2014).
    You can have access to those through SpringerLink or from the ISTEX platform.
    38 000 ebooks including LNM – Lecture Notes in Mathematics (1976- 2013).

User guide


Press, News

Europresse - Cision
Areas covered : regional actuality press, national and international.
Format : database of full-text articles.
Access : on-site (IP) or mobile access.

More than 52 000 sources that are covering international, national and regional news. You can find articles from newspaper or periodical (for example: Le Monde and its archives since 1987), specialized publications, RSS feed, transcripts of tv shows and radios, bibliographic records, company’s profile, referenced websites, blogs, etc.

Warning: the number of simultaneous connections to Europresse is limited.
Don’t forger to disconnect at the end of your session.

User guide


Bibliographic ad bibliometrics databases

Scopus - Elsevier

Areas covered (multidisciplinary): sciences and technology, medicine, humanities, arts and social sciences.
Format: database, bibliographic references and citation
Access: on-site (IP) and remote access (VPN).

Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books and conference proceedings. Delivering a comprehensive overview of the world’s research output in the fields of science, technology, medicine, social sciences, and arts and humanities, Scopus features smart tools to track, analyse and visualize research.

Scopus user guide

Scival user guide


WoS - Clarivate Analytics

Areas covered (multidisciplinary):
sciences and technology, medicine, humanities, arts and social sciences.
Hard science and medicine are the most represented.

Bibliographic and bibliometrics databases
Access: on-site (IP) and remote access (VPN).

The Web of Science is the world’s most trusted publisher-independent global citation database.
The comprehensive platform allows you to track ideas across disciplines and time from almost 1.9 billion cited references from over 171 million records.
Over 9,000 leading academic, corporate and government institutions and millions of researchers trust the Web of Science to produce high-quality research, gain insights and make more-informed decisions that guide the future of their institution and research strategy.
The subscription gives you access to the Core collection. The tools on the platform InCitesTM : « Essential Science Indicators℠ (ESI) » and « Journal Citation Reports® (JCR) » are available after creating a user account.

User guide


Resource acquired as part of a nationa licence - ABES - MESRI

Areas covered (multidisciplinary).
Format: Full text of journal’s archive, e-books, encyclopedias, dictionaries.
Access: on-site (IP) and remote access (VPN).

Permanent acquisition of books and electronic journals that are available to all the communities of higher education school.  Access to 44 corpus from different editors.
Ex: Brill, Cambridge University Press, Classiques Garnier, De Gruyter, DUKE Journal, Emerald, Elsevier, IOP, Nature journals, Oxford University Press, SAGE, Springer, Taylor & Francis, Wiley …Research directly from the editor’s platforms, from ISTEX or Focus (common view).

User guide


For the students and staff of Télécom Paris, you should connect through the intranet Eole to have more information about access and connection.