Spaces and equipement of the library

The different spaces and equipement of the library

  • The CRDN is composed of 3 big spaces (capacity of 157 seats), 11 collaborative rooms (1 for 10 people, 3 for 9 people and 7 for 5 people) and 1 cafeteria with a terrace (capacity of 58 seats).

You can also find 203 plugs and 114 network sockets in the CRDN.

Collaborative rooms are all equipped with:
-digital screen,
-plug connectors,
-whiteboard (you can ask for markers and sponges at the welcome desk),
-coat hangers and shelves for your coat and bags.


Publication room is the one that you can see when you enter the CRDN:
-2 alcoves inside the shelving units,
-4 tablets,
-1 self service station,
-1 printer,
-1 lost and found box,
-and also “new acquistions” will be on display in this room.

Work space:
-16 computers (2 of them are for external users),
-4 collaborative rooms,
-2 acoustic sofas.

Lounge area:
-2 hammocks,
-4 fatboys,
-4 sofas (2 of them are acoustic sofas),
-armchairs and rocking chairs,
-4 wireless phone chargers and
-7 collaborative rooms.

CRDN Cafeteria and its terrace:
-2 sofas,
-2 benches, some couches,
-1 hammock et 1 foosball table,
-1 alcove where you can find journals (Abri’Kiosk) and books (Abri’Bib) donations.

For the foosball balls, you need to ask for them at the welcome desk of the CRDN.

Brochure of the CRDN