Post-Preparatory Class Admissions

Students in preparatory classes

Apply to Télécom Paris’s engineering program by taking the « Mines-Ponts » joint competitive entrance exam and complete the program in three years.

Required level: Preparatory classes for Grandes Écoles. Special Mathematics: Math-Physics, Physics-Chemistry, Engineering Physics and Sciences, Physics-Technology, Industrial Sciences and Technology

Application process: “Mines-Ponts” joint competitive entrance exam for ten French Grandes Écoles

Two Télécom Paris programs:

  • Places available for the Paris program: 115
  • Places available for the Sophia Antipolis program: 35

Contact: Secretary General for the Joint Competitive Entrance Examination –  Tel: +33 (0)1 45 81 72 72


The Mines Pont Joint Competitive Entrance Examination grants students admission to the following ten engineering schools:

Written and oral examinations are organized for the study tracks:

  • Mathematics and Physics (MP) with two options: engineering sciences and computer science
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • Engineering Physics and Sciences (PSI)

First-year student admissions in 2018

  • 126 students admitted through the Mines Pont Joint Competitive Entrance Examination
  • 96 for the Paris program
  • 30 for the Sophia Antipolis program

Breakdown by study track:

  • 72 Mathematics and Physics (57.1%)
  • 25 Engineering Physics and Sciences (19.8%)
  • 25 Physics and Chemistry (19.8%)
  • 1 Physics and Technology, (7.9%)
  • 1 Industrial Sciences and Technology (7.9%)






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