International students

Over the years, the school has developed a solid expertise in welcoming international students. At present, Télécom Paris students (all degrees combined) consist of nearly 50% of international students representing 40 countries.



João André Pestre, UFRJ, Brazil

International testimony : Dang Hai NGuyen

Dang Hai Nguyen, John Von Neumann Institute, VNU, Vietnam

International testimony : Yu Cong Lee

Yu Cong Lee, NUS, Singapore

International testimony : Leandro Nascimento

Leandro Nascimento Gonçalves de Araujo, Unicamp, Brazil

3 étudiants uruguayens partagent leur expérience (1)

Where did you study before coming to Télécom Paris ?

3 étudiants uruguayens partagent leur expérience (1)

What was it like to arrive at Télécom Paris ?


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