Télécom Paris PhD Thesis Awards

Every year since 2016, Télécom Paris has awarded the « Télécom Paris PhD Thesis Award » to three young researchers who have earned their PhD in the School’s laboratories over the course of the previous calendar year. Finalists are selected based on academic records and are ranked from 1st to 3rd place following a five-minute « pitch » made in front of the jury.

2019 Awards

On 29 March 2019, following the Doctoral Graduation Ceremony, Télécom Paris presented its thesis awards in order to distinguish three innovative doctors:

  • 1st prize : Wanyu Liu, Information theory as an unified toom to understand and design human-computer interaction  (supervisors Olivier Rioul, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, Yves Guiard).
  • 3e prix : Antoine HoudardStatistical Modeling of the Patches DC Component for Low-Frequency Noise Reduction (supervisor : Andrés Almansa et Julie Delon)
Prix de Thèse 2019 #1 : Wanyu Liu
Prix de Thèse 2019 #3 : Antoine Houdard

2018 Awards

On 23 March 2018, following the PhD Graduation Ceremony, Télécom Paris presented its PhD thesis awards in recognition of three innovative PhD students out of ten candidates:





It was a difficult choice for the jury, chaired by Karine Gosse (Dassault Systèmes), since the three pitches were outstanding!




2017 Awards

  • 1st place awarded to Antoine Amarilli: Leveraging the Structure of Uncertain DataWatch video
  • 2nd place awarded to Flora Weissgerber: Processing of Multi-Mode Multi-Resolution SAR images for the Characterization of Urban Environments Watch video
  • 3rd place awarded to Samuel Goëta: Instantiate data, instantiate an audience, a sociological inquiry into open dataWatch video


2016 Awards

  • 1st place awarded to Annelie Heuser for her thesis, Distinguishing Distinguishers: A Theoretical Approach to Side-Channel Analysis – Watch video
  • 2nd place awarded to Martina Cardone, a Eurecom PhD student, for her thesis Cooperative Techniques Applied to Future Cellular Networks – Watch video
  • 3rd place awarded to Jeremy Boy for his thesis, Engaging Citizens to Go Beyond Simple Visualizations of Open DataWatch video