Diversity and Interculturality Week 2023

The 2nd Diversity and Interculturality Week took place in May 2023, with the aim of tackling a number of issues relating to discrimination and integration in schools, as well as living together in a variety of ways, whether festive, playful or artistic.

The objectives of the Diversity and Interculturality Week were as follows:

  • To raise awareness among the French and international student community, school staff and the Management Committee of the importance of diversity and inclusion, as well as interculturality, internationalization at home and bilingualism.
  • To encourage intercultural exchange and mutual understanding between the different communities represented at Télécom Paris.
  • To encourage dialogue and reflection on issues related to diversity and in the fields of technology, science and communication.
  • To encourage dialogue and reflection on the challenges of internationalization – preparation for international mobility, welcoming international audiences, internationalization at home.
  • To present workshops, conferences, training courses and activities enabling students and the staff to better understand the ins and outs of D&I-related impacts.
Diversity week (video)

Affiche semaine diversité interculturalité

And the activities continue throughout the year:

  • Intercultural awareness
  • Lunch & Learn: Inclusion and Disability, Mouv’intelligent association
  • Raising students’ awareness of harassment with the « Balance ton stage » association
  • Library’s interculturality selection