Real-world training : Internships

Télécom Paris gives its engineering students the opportunity to complete internships in order to apply what they have learned. Students carry out different types of internships over the course of their studies to introduce them to different fields and help them make informed choices about their future careers.

Personal skills internship

Ranging from one to two months, the personal skills internship is carried out at the end of the 1st year. Whether in France or abroad, students choose from a wide range of organizations, from start-ups to humanitarian groups, from major corporations to international and public organizations. The aim is to give students the chance to participate in an organization in a non-management position and observe how it works.

Some examples of personal skills internships

  • Nathan A. – Development of predictive algorithms at Know First in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Léon C. – Reception at a youth hostel for Yolo Hostel in Buzios, Brazil
  • Hugo L. – Factory worker for Chocolate Tree (chocolate factory) in Novossibirsk, Russia
  • Laure P. – Discovery of the stage technician profession at National Theater Mannheim in Mannheim, Germany


Engineering internship

The worlds of industry and research are at the very heart of training at Télécom Paris and are constant points of reference in teaching and learning methods. In order to apply what you have learned and help you develop technical expertise and soft skills, a semester-long internship is required in your 3rd year. It may be carried out in France or abroad. The aim is to learn about and gain a better understanding of a professional environment, experience the role of « engineer » within a team and prepare you for your first steps in the professional world.

Contact the internships’ office

  • Marie-Hélène PiovanoResponsable Pôle projet professionnel et stagesTélécom ParisTel : 01 75 31 93 77