Financial aid to study abroad

A wide range of scholarships and financial aid are available to help you study abroad:


Ile-de-France Regional Council (IDF Mobility grant – formerly AMIE):

As part of its regional policy supporting higher education and research, which in particular promotes improved living and study conditions for students, the Île-de-France region offers financial aid for international student mobility. The region funds a portion of study abroad programs (study programs or internships) carried out within the framework of an inter-institutional agreement or partnership. The study abroad period may either be a continuation of studies or an internship completed as part of an inter-institutional agreement (partnership between the academic institutions, agreement with a public or private organization), in any foreign destination except French overseas collectivities.


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Erasmus+ Europe

This program aims to enhance the quality of higher education and strengthen its European dimension. To be eligible for mobility grants, students must have completed one year of studies at a higher education institution, be registered at an institution participating in the Erasmus+ program and be enrolled in an official program of study leading to a diploma. These grants are intended to help cover a portion the additional costs related to study abroad, such as travel costs, language preparation costs and a higher cost of living in the destination country. These grants are for students who study abroad at partner European universities for exchange courses or engineering internships.


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FITEC Latin America
FITEC programs are educational exchange programs between France, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. They set up projects between universities and enable schools to develop close relationships, promoting student and teacher mobility. Country-specific financial aid for each project is awarded to students.
DRI - Alumni Financial Aid for International Mobility (AMI DRI)

We understand that it can be difficult for some students to meet the costs associated with study abroad. That’s why the school created a financial aid program for outgoing international mobility in 2013, to help more engineering students study abroad through exchange courses or internships.

The program aims to provide assistance for students with limited resources by contributing to a variety of different costs involved in studying abroad: travel costs, administrative costs (visa, residence permits), repatriation insurance, civil liability insurance, assistance for starting out in a new country etc.

Athens Financial Aid

Created in 1996, the Athens network is made up of 15 leading European universities and technology institutions. The network’s key initiative was to set up a program of intensive courses taught at each member institution for one of two defined periods of the academic year: the 3rd weeks of November and of March. This educational initiative, referred to using the acronym ATHENS (Advanced Technology Higher Education Network/Socrates), is part of the European Socrates/Erasmus program. Each session offers 30 hours of scientific courses, as well as 10 to 15 hours of social and cultural activities for students taking courses at institutions outside their country. At the end of each session, the course is validated by the home institution depending on the results obtained on the knowledge assessment organized by the host institution based on its own evaluation criteria. Each completed session is equivalent to 3 ECTS credits. All of ParisTech’s European partner institutions and schools may not necessarily participate in the two sessions.

=> For more information, consult the Athens and ParisTech websites.


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