Economics and social sciences

The Economics and social sciences department studies the social and economic transformations brought about by digital technology. It belongs to the i3  research laboratory (Interdisciplinary Institute of Innovation, UMR 9217). The department has around 110 staff members, including 35 research professors, around 30 associate professors and 40 postdocs and PhD students, as well as five administrative staff members.

There are three teams in The Economics and Social Sciences Department:

  • Economics-Management
  • Sociology, Information, Communication, Design
  • Sociology, Ergonomics & Psychology


The Economics and social sciences department is made up of researchers from various fields of human, economic and social sciences: Sociology, Economics, Management Sciences, Ergonomics, Design, Psychosociology, Law.

The research activities are held within the Interdisciplinary Institute for Innovation (i3), CNRS Mixed Research Unit nº9217. They are organized into four main axes.

  • Uses, participation, democratisation of innovation
  • Theory and models for design
  • Regulations of innovation
  • Transformations of innovative firms




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