Frédéric Grillot Ampère Medal 2023


From left to right: Michel Terré (President of HESAM), Frédéric Grillot (Télécom Paris), François Gérin (President of the SEE)

The SEE (French Society of Electricity, Electronics and ICT) awards the Ampère Medal 2023 to Frédéric Grillot.

Frédéric Grillot Médaille AmpèreFrédéric Grillot, a professor at Télécom Paris/IP Paris, France, and New Mexico University, USA, is being honoured for his pioneering work on mid-infrared optoelectronics and quantum dot lasers for silicon photonics.

The Ampère Medal is awarded to a person who has made a particular contribution to the SEE in the scientific fields of electricity, electronics and information and communication technologies.
This distinction is embodied by the award of a bronze medal bearing the effigy of André-Marie Ampère. The first Ampère Medal was awarded in 1977.

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