Generative Hackathon Competition: our students stand out!

Beautiful shot of a body of water with sea waves – great for a cool background or wallpaper

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Télécom Paris/Polytechnique students ranked 2nd and 3rd at the GenHack competition organized by BNP Paribas, École Polytechnique, and Mercator Ocean International!

The competition challenged participants to develop a model that could provide a fine-scale temperature map of dispersed ocean stations based on data from 6 previous stations dating from 1981 till the present. The competition was evaluated on two metrics: Marginals and Dependency.

The team DS4PLANET ranked 2nd (awarded 1000 €) is composed of Omar Ahmad, Ahmad Al Masri, Mohamad Dabboussi, Karim Frem, Amarnathe K. They were evaluated based on the Anderson-Darling metric to measure the accuracy of their generated data and the Kendall error to measure the dependence.

The team ANGRY BIRDS ranked 3rd (awarded 500 €) is composed of Sara Ghamloush, Hadi Jaber, Karen Khoury, Abed Shaar. The team’s solution was based on the Dependence metric (Absolute Kendall error).

Beyond the technical aspect, this competition also served a good cause. Multi-dimensional climate projections and data from impact maps (e.g. flood maps) rely on such models. Using those, we can calculate the change in the exposure of physical assets worldwide to climate hazards, across space, time, scenarios, etc., especially during the era of climate change.

Sources: LinkedIn posts from Omar Ahmad, Abed Shaar, Nicolas Glady.

Photographs source LinkedIn