« Grand angle sur Paris - Premiers regards » photo exhibition

A look back at the photo exhibition « Grand angle sur Paris – Premiers regards », produced as part of the French as a Foreign Language (FLE) courses and presented by international students end of April. A link between the Plateau de Saclay, where the school is located, and Paris, just 30 minutes from the campus, the photo exhibition was an opportunity for informal, privileged exchanges between the student photographers and Télécom Paris staff.

Over 30 students put together a series of photos of Paris, as part of their FLE courses. The shots they took of Paris were combined with prose texts written after a creative writing workshop in the FLE class.

The students walked around Paris, taking photos of its quartiers in small autonomous multilingual groups. The photos are presented in 5 thematic series, reflecting their appropriation of the city’s sites. The exhibition was a very rich moment of interaction with other students, professors and staff.

The 5 series of photos featured in the exhibition

Ambient photos

Grand angle sur Paris - Premiers regards : affiche carrée

Thanks to the students and to the FLE team who coordinated this rich project:

  • French as Foreign Language teachers: Cécile Brossaud, Francoise Herbet-Pain and Estelle Dussourd
  • The photographers:
    Julian Alvarez De Giorgi
    Lais Isabelle Alves Dos Santos
    Pedro Andrade Ferreira Sobrinho
    Irene Asensio Benedicto
    Nikolay Bezkhodarnov
    Hussein Chahrour
    Artur Dandolini Pescador
    Davi De Almeida Marim
    Barbara Dill Araujo
    Alaf Do Nascimento Santos
    Mohamad El Osman
    Luiz Augusto Facury De Souza
    Kriss Lady Stephanie Kriss Gutierrez Anco
    Carlos Jedwab
    Maksim Kochanov
    Artem Kovalenko
    Giulia Mannaioli
    Gabriel Martins De Andrade
    Leonel Mota Sampaio Durao
    Bruno Pons
    Marco Proietto
    Yuanyi Qiu
    Rafael Senna Benatti
    Daria Stepanova
    Guillermo Daniel Toyos Marfurt
    Vitor Ramos Tucci
    Alice Valença de Lorenci
    Shangning Xia
    Viktoriya Zhukova