Hello Sunchain wins a Hackathon: Leading the Change in Green Finance Innovation with Solar Tokenization


Source Yassine Hargane on LinkedIn

Over a span of 3 intense days, amidst 100 brilliant participants, the team Hello SunChain including Yassine Hargane, Télécom Paris/HEC/Polytechnique graduate, won the hackathon by Kryptosphere and the Chaire Fintech Dauphine at Université Paris Dauphine-PSL and Université PSL. Not only did the winning team secure the top position in the Finance category, but it also received a special bonus for its green finance initiative!

While there’s a growing desire among individuals to invest in impactful industries like solar energy, many are deterred by unclear records, hidden processes, and the slow adoption of green finance. Additionally, the traditional energy sector’s dominance by a few large players and the high upfront costs of solar panels further exacerbate the barriers to entry, making it challenging for potential investors to navigate and contribute to a sustainable future.

Introducing Hello SunChain to address these challenges:

  • Tokenization of Solar Panels: Making solar investments accessible and transparent.
  • Democratization: Bringing solar investments to everyone through the power of tokenization.
  • Blockchain Transparency: Ensuring clear, immutable records of solar energy generation and rewards.
  • Innovative PoCr Blockchain: A blockchain designed with an emphasis on promoting and rewarding climate-aware actions.

A blend of innovation, dedication, and a drive to solve real-world challenges. In just 3 days, the team was able to create an MVP, a business, and a pitch.