How will we interact with the virtual reality? (I'm Tech)

Surprised excited young girl wearing VR glasses looking at hands
The ways we interact with technology change over time and adapt to fit different contexts, bringing new constraints and possibilities. Jan Gugenheimer is a researcher at Télécom Paris and is particularly fascinated by interactions between humans and machines and the way they develop. In this interview, he introduces the questions surrounding our future interactions with virtual reality.

What is the difference between virtual, mixed and augmented reality?

Jan Gugenheimer : The most commonly cited definition presents a spectrum. Reality as we perceive it is situated on the far-left and virtual reality on the far-right of the spectrum, with mixed reality in the middle. We can therefore create variations within this spectrum. When we leave more perceptions of actual reality, we move to the left of the spectrum. When we remove real aspects by adding artificial information, we move towards virtual reality. Augmented reality is just one point on this spectrum. In general, I prefer to call this spatial computing, with the underlying paradigm that information is not limited to a square space.

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