New Intelligent Cybersecurity for Mobility System Chair

The kickoff of the Télécom Paris Intelligent Cybersecurity for Mobility System Chair took place at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) on February 1st!

The aim of the Chair, aligned with the purpose of our school, is to implement an innovative operational model and ecosystem by:

  • 1/ Enhancing research excellence in intelligent cybersecurity, particularly for mobility systems.
  • 2/ Strengthening applicability and fostering technology transfer through appropriate interaction between fundamental research, applied research and the needs of industry.
  • 3/ Building a world-class, internationally acclaimed chair.

Télécom Paris is so proud to establish a new paradigm for research-industry partnerships with IRT SystemX, Renault, Solent, Thales, Valeo, ZF Group, and the BCG who hosted this event!

Lancement chaire ICMS (800x798)
Photographs Michel Desnoues, Télécom Paris