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Michel Roux graduated from ENST (Télécom Paris) in 1988, then obtained a doctorate in 1992, specialising in Signal and Image. His PhD thesis deals with the resetting of multi-source images, and more particularly with the resetting of SPOT images and maps. She was supervised by Henri Maître and Jaime Lopez-Krahe.

Michel Roux did an 18-month post-doctoral fellowship at Carnegie Mellon University, in the MAPSLab directed by David Mckeown. There he worked on the detection of buildings from a large number of aerial images. From October 1994 to June 1997, he was a Research Engineer, and since then he has been a Associate professor in the IDS Department at Télécom Paris.

His work focuses mainly on the constitution of cartographic databases by analysis of aerial images and maps. He is a correspondent for Télécom Paris for the Masters in Automatic and Signal and Image Processing and Physical Methods in Remote Sensing, for which he organizes the Image Processing courses.

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