Télécom Paris becomes an associate member of the Open Infrastructure Foundation

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The Open Infrastructure Foundation, created in 2012 to manage the governance of the Openstack project, supports the development of open source projects and communities in the fields of free software infrastructure, mainly on cloud technologies.

Télécom Paris uses and teaches these technologies, and therefore joins the foundation as an associate member, alongside CERN or Inria, for example.

« Open Infrastructure is one of the building blocks of our future in a digital world », said Nicolas Glady, dean and president at Télécom Paris. « At Télécom Paris, we rely on this infrastructure everyday and build on it our research and teaching. By becoming an associate member, we will strengthen our bond with the community. More generally, we share the values of open source development and have made a specific objective of enabling open source as a critical public infrastructure component ensuring both technological strategic autonomy and open science. »