Lasers: two papers co-authored by PhD students acclaimed by the journals Applied Physics Letters and Scientific Reports (Nature)

The editor of Scientific Reports (Nature) has selected the best articles on semiconductor lasers. The article co-authored by Olivier Spitz, PhD student at Télécom Paris, appears first among the 20 selected articles.
Chaotic optical power dropouts driven by low frequency bias forcing in a mid-infrared quantum cascade laser
by Olivier Spitz (PhD candidate at Télécom Paris in optical telecommunications), Jiagui Wu, Mathieu Carras, Chee-Wei Wong & Frédéric Grillot (professor at Télécom Paris)
Our PhD students are really popular in the field of lasers because the journal Applied Physics Letters has selected an article co-authored by Jianan Duan.
Semiconductor quantum dot lasers epitaxially grown on silicon with low linewidth enhancement factor by J. Duan, H. Huang, D. Jung, Z. Zhang et al. Jianan Duan is PhD candidate at Télécom Paris, his thesis supervisor is Frédéric Grillot.