Télécom Paris' website: new colours for more sobriety

You’re indeed on the Télécom Paris website! But since 3 June, it has changed its colours. What’s new?

The colours of our logo have now been adopted: black-white, « logo red ». The base is made up of black and white with levels of grey, while the red is used to highlight certain elements: active menus, buttons, pictos.

The overall impression is one of sobriety, for better eco-design, by saving resources. In addition, limiting the number of large iconographic banners at the top of the site (from several hundred banners previously to less than ten now) also contributes to this aim, while improving overall consistency. And to improve accessibility, we are playing with black/white contrasts as well as red.

In addition, the site is in better visual harmony with our printed materials (particularly brochures), thanks to the use of the profile silhouettes that make up our graphic signature (on the site, these silhouettes appear on the header and soon on the footer).

Finally, as a public institution, the French State brand (« marque État ») is added alongside the Télécom Paris logo. This brand consists of the official logo with the effigy of Marianne, above the title République Française and the motto Liberté Égalité Fraternité.

This visual overhaul concerns the entire site (top menu and footer – pages – posts: news and events – as well as the personal pages of faculty members, etc.).
The content, in particular the tree structure, the layout and navigation principles remain unchanged.


Signature graphique : silhouettes de profil