Télécom Paris research is structured around the activity of its two laboratories: the Interdisciplinary Institute of Innovation (i3) and the Information Processing and Communication Laboratory (LTCI). It covers the major scientific disciplines taught at the School: computer science and networks, applied mathematics, electronics, image, data, signals and economic and social sciences.



The I3 laboratory is a CNRS joint research unit (UMR CNRS 9217) and a joint laboratory between Mines ParisTech and École Polytechnique.



LTCI is accredited for the quality of its partnership-based research as part of Institut Carnot Télécom & Société Numérique, in which ParisTech is a member. The lab’s research units have been recognized by the HCÉRES for their excellence, through their « outstanding scientific production in both quality and quantity.”


Interdisciplinary Institute of Innovation (i3)
CNRS Joint Research Unit 9217

  • David BounieHead of the Economic and Social Sciences DepartmentTélécom Parisemailemail

Information Processing and Communication Laboratory (LTCI)

  • Talel AbdessalemDirector of Research, Director of the LTCITélécom Parisemailemail