Florian BrandnerAssociate Professor

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Florian Brandner is an Associate Professor and member of the ACES team at Télécom Paris.

His current research topic focuses on the optimization of the compiler back-end for embedded processors, mainly VLIW-type architectures, in the context of real-time systems. Contrary to traditional compilation, the goal here is not to reduce the execution time of the average case. On the contrary, the worst case execution time (WCET) is optimized. The main challenge is that during the compilation process, it is not yet clear which code paths will actually be relevant for the WCET.

In general, the focus is on code generation techniques, register allocation, scheduling and instruction grouping for VLIW architectures, as well as simulation techniques, such as dynamic binary translation. Recently, he has found an interest in problems related to computation under time constraints (real-time systems, etc.).

Activités : enseignement, recherche, projetsActivities : Teaching, Research, Projects
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