Hackathon Blockchain HEC: our students stand out!

A hackathon dedicated to blockchain was held at HEC Paris on October 7-9, 2022. The competition, which brings together more than 100 participants from the best schools (HEC, IP Paris, Ecole Polytechnique, Telecom Paris, EPFL, etc.), aims to produce a Tezos blockchain-based project within 48 hours by establishing a business case and its related technologies.

Our students were particularly outstanding in this competition and were part of a team that won the following awards:

– 1st prize in Web2/Web3, a major that allows the exploitation of Web2 data for decentralised applications. The Light House application, in which Hugo Danet, Yassine Hargane, and Axel de Sinzogan took part, makes it possible to analyse data from Web2 in order to guide projects towards Web3.

– 2nd prize in DeFi, a major allowing the development of applications in decentralised finance. The TezFlow application, in which Tom Carpentier participated, allows money to flow between users, an alternative to traditional instantaneous transactions.

– 3rd prize in DeFI. The Enstar app, in which Zexuan Sun participated, aims to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and connect web3 entrepreneurs with individual investors: revolutionising the next generation of venture capitalists.

About Enstar:

« We are students from Télécom Paris, HEC Paris, Ecole Polytechnique, Beijing University, IP Paris, Yale University, Tsinghua University, ETH, etc. We come from top universities with top vision and ambition. We want to do one thing: our mission is to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and connect the web3 entrepreneurs and individual investors. We want to revolute the next generation of VC fields.

Enstar is the next generation of venture capital based on blockchain. Anyone can invest in Web3.0 anywhere in Enstar.
As the need to diversify one’s investment portfolio increases, new types of investment have emerged. In order to satisfy everyone’s desire to be both an investor and an entrepreneur, we need to build a unique platform to accommodate our wealth and creations. We aim to build a startup co-investment platform that allows individual investors to invest in professionally moderated startups, where property is no longer hosted but privatized. In that case, web3 co-founders can also raise fund in a social way.

Enstar leverages network and AI algorithm technology to build a decentralized finance platform on the blockchain. Enstar can discover start-ups in a social way, match sources to people’s investment preferences, connect co-founders and earn token rewards. Enstar team currently build our Dapp application On the Ethereum chain.
We will launch our product early 2023. If you want to know more information, welcome to contact us by email. :
Here is our website: « 

The projects were submitted to an exceptional jury composed of Daniel Augot (INRIA), Nicolas Bacca (Ledger), Isaure Courcenet (Paris Blockchain Week), Bryan Loukili (Nomadic Labs), and Michael Mills (HCVC).
The hackathon is organised by HEC Paris MBA with the collaboration of Nomadic Labs, Paris Blockchain Week Summit, Blockchain@X, and What the Hack.

From left to right: LightHouse, TezFlow, and Enstar teams.
Thanks to Tom Carpentier, Thomas Houy, and Zexuan Sun for the information and photographs.