Is there intelligence in artificial intelligence? (The Conversation/I'mTech)


Image source I’m Tech (c) Gerd Altmann/Pixabay

Should we soon submit with resignation to the inevitable supremacy of artificial intelligence? Before calling for a revolt, let’s take a look at what we’re up against.

Artificial intelligence relies on many techniques,  but its recent success is due to one in particular: neural networks, especially deep learning ones. Yet a neural network is nothing more than a matching machine. The deep neural network that was much discussed in 2012 matched images –  a horse, a boat, mushrooms – with corresponding words. Hardly a reason to hail it as a genius. […]

No form of intelligence? Let’s not be too demanding, but at the same time, let’s remain clear-sighted about the huge gap that separate neural networks from what would be a true artificial intelligence.

Jean‑Louis Dessalles is an associate professor at Télécom Paris. He uses artificial intelligence to model and simulate the relevance that characterizes spontaneous human communication. He wrote « Des intelligences TRÈS artificielles » (VERY artficial intelligence) published by Odile Jacob (2019).