Ubiquitous Networks: Excellent Paper Award

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The work of Subhankar Banerjee, a former student in the Advanced Communication Network (ACN) Master’s program previously offered by Télécom Paris, supervised by Marceau Coupechoux, Professor in the Networks, Mobility and Services (RMS), has been awarded an Excellent Paper Award at the ICUFN 2022. The results are the outcome of a collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs and the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras.

The International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks (ICUFN) aims to showcase advances in ubiquitous and future networks research, covering topics from technology issues to emerging applications and testbed developments. The 13th edition of ICUFN took place this year from July 5-8 in Barcelona.

Int'l Conf on Ubiquitous Networks BCN 2022

Published in April 2022, Subhankar Banerjee’s paper elaborates on the research conducted around a global optimal algorithm for joint power and subcarrier allocation for the NOMA system in a multi-cell scenario. Non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) is a technology proposed for next generation cellular networks because of its high spectral efficiency and enhanced user connectivity. However, in the literature the optimal joint power and sub-carrier allocation for NOMA has been proposed for single cell only. Consequently, joint allocation in multi-cell scenario was still an open problem that the authors tried to solve with a polyblock optimization based algorithm. Numerical studies have shown the effectiveness of the obtained solution.