Portrait Weiqiang Wen
Weiqiang WenAssistant Professor

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Weiqiang Wen has been an assistant/associate professor at Telecom Paris since 2021, as a member of the Cybersecurity-Cryptography team.

He completed his PhD at ENS de Lyon, under the supervision of Damien Stehlé. From 2019 to 2021, he was a postdoc in the EMSEC team of the IRISA laboratory. Before joining Telecom Paris, he also spent 6 months as a research engineer at TII.

Activités : enseignement, recherche, projetsActivities : Teaching, Research, Projects

His research focused on post-quantum cryptography, in particular on the lattice-based cryptography. His main interests are in the hardness of the underlying lattice problems as well as their connections to the security of lattice-based cryptographic schemes.

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