Benjamin LoveluckAssociate Professor

Repères biographiquesShort Biography

Associate professor at Télécom Paris and research associate at CERSA (CNRS-Univ. Paris 2), my work focuses on digital sociology and online political practices, the political economy of information, and transformations of the public sphere.

Activités : enseignement, recherche, projetsActivities : Teaching, Research, Projects

I have published contributions on the history of the Internet, its underlying political ideologies and forms of collective (self-)organisation, and related issues of digital liberties.

My recent work explores online self-justice or ‘digital vigilantism’, understood both as a form of social control and political action. I am also researching control and surveillance exerted on the russian digital sphere within the ANR Resistic project.

Some of the prior research projects I was involved in include:

  • Studies of peer-to-peer production (P2Pvalue european project), including a focus on governance mechanisms of decentralized platforms such as Bitcoin
  • Dynamics of international news flows by collecting and analysing RSS feeds of a selection of publications throughout the world (ANR project Geomedia)
  • Topologies of online diasporas by collecting and analysing the digital traces of hyperlink networks between websites (e-Diasporas Atlas project).

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