Applied Algebra study track

Cryptography, quantum information, coding

pictogramme cœurFor those who like


  • Algebra
  • Mathematics in general, and are not afraid of abstraction


This track offers an introduction to several IT and telecommunication fields: formal calculation, correction coding, cryptography and quantum information theory. This track is primarily based on core mathematical foundations, especially algebraic concepts.

In practice

These areas are first examined from a theoretical perspective. This includes purely mathematical courses (arithmetic, finite fields, algebraic curves) and courses combining computer science and mathematics or even physics (correction coding, cryptography, quantum information). The modules are taught in traditional lesson-seminar form, with around fifteen students per class. Certain modules can also take the form of projects or practical sessions on machines (computational algebra).

Language of instruction: English

After the track

3rd year technological innovation at Télécom Paris

Master’s-Engineering Dual Degree

  • Machine learning, communications, and security (IP Paris)
  • Algorithmics and Foundations of Programming (Univ. Paris-Saclay)


This track opens the door to research, with the most natural next steps being a Master 2 followed by a thesis. However, it could also provide helpful theoretical insight for students who wish to pursue a career as an engineer specializing in communication systems networks or security.


Vinent Moreau : témoignage filière Algèbre

The Applied Algebra (ACCQ) track provides high-level mathematical training on a wide range of topics, such as cryptography, algebraic geometry and quantum information. Combining the study of basic mathematics with the most recent applications, ACCQ allows students to pursue opportunities in the academic world as well as in prestigious corporate R&D departments.
With less than fifteen students and an excellent faculty members, ACCQ is a flagship Télécom track. It’s the ideal choice for those who wish to continue their algebra studies after their entrance exams!
Vincent Moreau, class of 2021


Head: Aslan Tchamkerten
Head of international mobility:
Michèle Wigger
Internship coordination: Ghaya Rekaya