English at Télécom Paris

Télécom Paris offers its students and staff high-quality English language training which focuses on personalized learning objectives and is also delivered through specific themed courses.



  • Bethany CagnolEnglish teacher and head of the IP Paris ELEVATE CenterTélécom Parisemailemail

Permanent and Adjunct Faculty

Course Offering

General Courses: B1 to C2 levels for 1st-year students

Themed courses for 2nd-year students

  • Advanced Debating Techniques
  • Advanced English Grammar
  • Advanced Public Speaking and Soft Skills Training
  • The American West
  • An Adventure through American Cinema
  • The Art of British Humour
  • Behind the Series US
  • Conflict Management
  • Creative Writing
  • Detective Mysteries
  • Exploring British Series
  • Franco-American Studies
  • Hip Hop
  • The Hobbit
  • Internet Cultures
  • Intro to Debating
  • Jazz
  • Professional Communication
  • Project Course
  • Promotional Skills for the Sciences
  • Public Speaking Step by Step
  • The Science of Mindfulness and Well-being
  • Socio-Linguistics
  • Technology and Ethics
  • Treasure Hunting
  • US Economy
  • US Humor
  • The Wire

For further information please contact: Bethany Cagnol

Mandatory external testing and certification

The list of accepted certifications is defined by the Telecom Paris’ academic regulations applicable at the time of your entry to the school.

For further information or questions about mandatory certifications, please contact Marya Lusky

International academic and professional mobility

Check out the university partnerships at Télécom Paris.

Contact for partnerships and studies

Catherine Vazza

Contact for internships

Marie-Hélène Piovano