French as a foreign and second language (FLES)

Télécom Paris teaches French as a foreign and second language to its international students.



  • Cécile BrossaudFrench as a foreign and second language (FLES) teacher, coordinator of FLES courses and tests in the engineering cycle. Online training designer and facilitator.Télécom Parisemailemail
  • Isabelle LallemandTeacher of French as a foreign and second language, coordinator of shared French as a foreign language courses (Masters, doctoral students, faculty staff) and integration referentTélécom Parisemailemail

Permanent and Adjunct Faculty

Contact for internships

Marie-Hélène Piovano

Course Offering

1A = 1st year ; 2A = 2nd year ; 3A = 3rd year

French as a foreign and second language

1A – Special course for 1A non-newcomers:

3hrs on Thursday 08.30-11.45

  • FLES-T-101 Étudiants plurilingues, affirmez votre style à l’écrit

2A – General courses for 2A and 1A newcomers:

3hrs on Thursday 08.30-11.45

3 groups according to level and choice of scientific subjects taught entirely in English, entirely in French or in a hybrid format

  • FLES 201 level A2
  • FLES 202 level B1
  • FLES 203 level B2

2A – Themed courses for 2A and 1A newcomers (prerequisite: level B2.2) :

1,5hr on Wednesday 17.00 or on Thursday 08.30 or 10.15

Semester 1

  • FLES-T-208 or 216 Renforcer ses compétences à l’écrit (Wednesday 17.00 or Thursday 08.30)
  • FLES-T-212 Aspects interculturels du cinéma français contemporain (Thursday 10.15)

Semester 2

  • FLES-T-209 Vie culturelle et artistique en France (Wednesday 17.00)
  • FLES-T-217 Vie politique et sociale de la France et des Français (Thursday 08.30)
  • FLES-T-211 Cinéma français contemporain : analyse et critique (Thursday 10.15)

3A – Special course

if graduation level not reached in 2A or if lack of FLES credits

  • FLES-P-214 semestre 1 Projet en FLES (projet en ligne, entretiens et suivi individualisé)

Contemporary humanities and human training

1A, prerequisite level B2 – International and French students

Semester 2

  • FH 241 – Atelier de lecture

2A, pre-requisite level B1 – Special project for 2A, international and French students :

Semester 1 and Semester 2 – lectures, interviews and jury examination

  • HUM/Tandem Projet Tandem langues et cultures

2A pre-requisite level A2 – Special for international students:


  • FH 222 Savoir valoriser son profil international et ses compétences plurilingues

2A, prerequisite level B1- Special international students:

Semester 2

  • FH-FLES/Théâtre Atelier d’expression théâtrale avec Marie Rey, metteuse en scène – atelier conçu en articulation avec les thématiques du cours de FLE