System on Chip [LabSoC]

Our research is on the design, modeling and validation of integrated and embedded systems, as well as on their security. The team develops a tool called TTool to support this research topic.

Additionally, we also design digital signal processors for the so-called software-defined radio, with the related software design environments.

The group has been hosted by EURECOM at Sophia-Antipolis since 2003.


The team focuses particularly on the following research topics:

  • New methods, techniques, languages and tools for complex integrated and embedded systems. Abstraction, formal methods, very fast simulation, design space exploration, handling of both safety and security aspects, code generation from abstract models.
  • Hardware security, paranoid Systems on Chip with zero trust in their hardware and software environment. Confidentiality and integrity of external communications and storage.
  • Digital signal processors for so-called software-defined radio. Trade-off between flexibility and energy efficiency. Associated software design environments, abstract modeling of waveforms and hardware architecture, automatic generation of control software.


Team members

Key words

  • Architecture exploration
  • Formal validation
  • Model engineering
  • Safety, security and performance
  • Security of electronic circuits
  • Software/hardware architecture for signal processing applications

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