Responsibility for Digital Identity chair

Télécom Paris and Gemalto are joining forces to create an international research chair on Responsible Digital Identity. The first research theme will focus on the issues of trust in digital identity.

The chair is supported by Fondation Mines-Télécom and led on behalf of Télécom Paris by Professor Valérie Fernandez, a specialist in the economics of digital innovation and by Associate Professor Laura Draetta, a sociologist specialized in the environment and sustainable development.

The academic research undertaken is backed by the work of a think tank that operates across disciplines and partnerships. Its membership comprises industry and public sector executives as well as scientists. It will be a forum for the discussion, sharing and creation of knowledge and also for the formulation of proposals intended for governmental bodies or industry.

Philippe Vallée, Gemalto

“I very much look forward to the partnership with Télécom Paris. This chair is one element of our sponsorship program on ‘digital trust’’. Identity lies at the heart of the digital world and it is also one of our key areas of expertise. Supporting a chair that focuses on the human and sociological components of digital identity will help us contribute to holistic thinking that extends beyond its strictly technological aspects.”


Yves Poilane, Télécom Paris

“The 13th academic and research chair of Télécom Paris is another illustration of the school’s continued emphasis on serving both ‘digitizing’ and ‘digital’ companies. It has been designed with a French company, a global leader in digital security. Gemalto shares our vision of responsible innovation, in which societal impact, and not just technology opportunities, are taken into consideration. This vision is in line with our strategy, which encompasses human and social sciences in addition to technology.”