IP Paris Doctoral School Awards

Three Télécom Paris PhD students each received a poster prize at the IP Paris Doctoral School day on Dec. 13, 2022: Simon Delarue (Computing, Data and AI), Mélanie Gornet (Economy, Management & Social Sciences), and Arnaud Varillon (Information, Communication, Electronics).

Congratulations to the award winners… and their supervisors!


    Laboratory: PMC – École Polytechnique
    Title of thesis: Grafting of salen complexes on silicon by controlled polymerization for applications in heterogeneous asymmetric multi-catalysis
    Supervisors: Anne-Chantal Gouget, Emmanuelle Schultz, Philippe Roger
  • ELOUIN Amélie
    Laborator: LOB – École Polytechnique
    Title of thesis: Molecular and cellular bases of collective migration in the zebrafish embryo
    Supervisor: Nicolas David

Computing, Data and Artificial Intelligence (IDIA)

  • DELARUE Simon
    Laboratory: LTCI – Télécom Paris
    Title of thesis: Enriched graph models and algorithms for transparent machine learning
    Supervisors: Tiphaine Viard, Thomas Bonald
  • MAKHLOUF Karima
    Laboratory: LIX – École Polytechnique
    Title of thesis: Combination of fairness and privacy in training data
    Supervisors: Catuscia Palamidessi, Héber Hwang Arcolezi

Economy, Management and Social Sciences

Information, Communications, Electronics (ICE)

  • VARILLON Arnaud
    Laboratory: LTCI – Télécom Paris
    Title of thesis: Deep Learning for Embedded Cybersecurity
    Supervisors: Jean-Luc Danger, Laurent Sauvage

Mechanical and Energetic Engineering

  • WATRIN Lise
    Laboratory: LPICM – École Polytechnique
    Title of thesis: Study of GaN and GaAs growth by PECVD: application to solar cells
    Supervisors: Pere Roca i Cabarrocas, Erik Jonhson, Karim Ouaras


  • BEAUCHÊNE Antoine
    Laboratory: LLR – École Polytechnique
    Title of thesis: First detection of the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background at the Super-Kamiokande experiment
    Supervisor: Benjamin Quilain
  • GALANTE Giulia
    Laboratory: LOB – École Polytechnique
    Title of thesis: Characterization and monitoring of the physicochemical modifications of collagen during the alteration of parchments
    Supervisors: Marie-Claire Schanne-Klein, Gaël Latour, Laurianne Robinet