IMAGES team staff

Permanent faculty members

Associated members

  • Catherine Adamsbaum (CHU Bicêtre)
  • Elsa Angelini (Imperial College)
  • Isabelle Bloch (Sorbonne Université)
  • Tamy Boubekeur (Adobe)
  • Hong Sun (Wuhan University)


PhD candidates

  • Raphael Achddou (since October 2019) Neuronal restoration of textured images Dir. Y. Gousseau, S. Ladjal
  • Zoé Berenger (since October 2021) Deep learning and SAR tomography for forest monitoring. Dir. F. Tupin, L. Denis
  • Pierrick Chatillon (since November 2020, with ONERA) Texture synthesis. Dir. Y. Gousseau, S. Lefebvre
  • Yanis Chemli (since October 2019, with Harvard Medical School, Boston) Super-resolution Imaging For Brain Positron Emission Tomography. Dir. I. Bloch, G. El Fakhri
  • Nicolas Cherel (since November 2020, with Univ. Paris) Video impainting: patch-based methods and deep learning Dir. Y. Gousseau, A. Newson, A. Almansa
  • Vincent Couteaux (since april 2018, with Philips) Radiomics based on deep learning  Dir. I. Bloch, O. Nempont, G. Pizaine
  • Emanuele Dalsasso (since January 2019) Deep learning for SAR imagery: from denoising to scene understanding Dir. F. Tupin, L. Denis
  • Yanis Djebra (since October 2019, with Harvard Medical School, Boston) Free-Breathing, Three-Dimensional T1 Mapping of the Heart. Dir. I. Bloch, G. El Fakhri
  • Anton Francois (since October 2019, with Paris Descartes) Handling topological variability in atlas construction for brain glioblastoma Dir. P. Gori, J. Glaunes
  • Nicolas Gasnier (since October 2018, with CNES (R. Fjortoft)) Exploitation of multi-temporal and multi-sensor data for extracting water surfaces within SWOT mission Dir. F. Tupin, L. Denis (Telecom Saint Etienne)
  • Alban Gauthier (since September 2019) Dir. T. Boubekeur, J.M. Thiery
  • Nicolas Gonthier (since october 2017, with Univ. Bourgogne) Dir. Y. Gousseau, S. Ladjal, O. Bonfait
  • Alexandre Goy (since October 2018, with Centrale-Supelec) Abstract logics Dir. M. Aiguier, I. Bloch
  • Rassim Hadjeres (since October 2021) New approaches for non linear blind source separation, application to remote sensing Dir. C. Kervazo, F. Tupin
  • Karine Haddadi (since April 2019, with General Electric) Dir. I. Bloch, S. Muller
  • Robin Kips (since October 2019, with L’Oréal) Learning and multi-domain transfer Dir. I. Bloch, P. Gori, M. Perrot
  • Giammarco La Barbera (since October 2019, with Necker and Philips) Learning digital twins for renal cancer surgery in children Dir. I. Bloch, P. Gori, S. Sarnacki, L. Rouet
  • Robin Louiset (since November 2020, with Neurospin) Deep learning mental disease supervised prediction with subroup constraints.
  • Matthis Maillard (since November 2019, with Sainte Anne) Deep learning for generating atlases of glioblastomas Dir. I. Bloch, P. Gori
  • Ines Meraoumia (since November 2020) Deep learning for satellite image understanding Dir. F. Tupin, L. Denis
  • Elie Michel (since September 2019) Dir. T. Boubekeur
  • Arthur Ouaknine (since October 2018, with VALEO (P. Pérez)) Deep learning for exploiting radar data in autonomous driving Dir. JM Nicolas, A. Newson, F. Tupin
  • Chloe Paliard (since October 2020, with Univ. Munich) Computer graphics and simulations Dir. K. Um, N. Thuerey, M. Cagnazzo
  • Antoine Pirovano (since March 2018, with KeenEye) Deep learning for cervical cancer screening Dir. S. Ladjal, I. Bloch, L. Almeida
  • Mateus Riva (since February 2019, with LAMSADE and USP) Spatio-temporal analysis of pediatric magnetic resonance images Dir. I. Bloch, P. Gori, J. Atif
  • Camille Ruppli (since December 2020, with Incepto) Optimizing the annotation workload in supervised learning. Dir. I. Bloch, P. Gori, R. Ardon
  • Jérémie Schertzer (since October 2017) Dir. T. Boubekeur
  • Rebeca Vetil (since January 2021, avec Guerbet) AI methods to assis the diagnosis of pancreatic diseases in radiology. Dir. I. Bloch, P. Gori, M.-M. Rohe
  • Xiangli Yang (since December 2017) Nouvelles méthodes d’analyse de séries temporelles d’images radar Dir. F. Tupin
  • Tong Zhao (since November 2019) Geometry processing and machine learning Dir. J.M. Thiery, T. Boubekeur

Post-Docs and Sabbatical Visitors

  • Ramon Pino-Perez (Nov.2014, Nov.2017, April-July 2018, June-July 2019, December 2019)
  • Lara Raad (2020-2021)
  • Anca Ralescu (April 2015, April 2017, May 2018, May 2019)
  • Ali Vard (2019-2020)

Staff engineers