Circuits & Communications Systems [C2S]

The C2S team is recognized internationally for its ability to incorporate digital intelligence into AMS and RF SoCs, such as analogic digital converters (ADCs) and RF transmitters for cognitive radio. The team designs high-performance AMS and RF SoCs, by drawing on its expertise in the production of CMOS chips combined with its experience in signal processing and knowledge of the other network layers, where the skills of LTCI members are recognized. The aim is to develop interfacing elements or “building bricks” between connected objects and the real world via sensors, and between connected objects and the core of the system via communications, especially RF.



Our key contributions are in the following fields:

  • Architectural breakthrough
  • Transceivers in a specific environment, very low power consumption
  • Agile, reconfigurable and broadband circuits and systems
  • Innovative algorithms
  • Digital correction of RF imperfections


Team members

  • Patricia Desgreys, Professor, team leader
  • Paul Chollet, Associate Professor
  • Chadi Jabbour, Associate Professor
  • Van Tam Nguyen, Professor, Head of the Communications & Electronics department
  • Germain Pham, Associate Professor


Key words

  • Smart AMS systems
  • Frugal signal processing
  • Smart radio
  • Cyber-physical system interfaces


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