Cybersecurity for Communication and Networking [CCN]

In order to address the vast and disparate group of interconnected networks and devices, it is necessary to implement tailored security and confidentiality systems, where underlying mechanisms are closely related to the services involved. Security requirements may vary considerably depending on the services offered.

We rely on a tailored approach to security to meet the broad range of security requirements, to provide adaptive security systems. Such systems address multiple operational and environmental constraints, while taking into account the following properties: flexibility, lightness, autonomy, mobility and interoperability.



The Cybersecurity for Communication and Networking (CCN) team also works on the following ten topics:

  • Secure communications, including in a changing and constrained environment
  • Analysis of attacks and counter-attacks in the information network
  • Secure access control in industrial IoT
  • End-to-end security architecture for connected and autonomous vehicles
  • Resilience by design in constrained environments
  • Privacy
  • Detection of attacks and bad behavior in wireless networks
  • Misbehavior detection in cloud computing and intelligent transportation systems
  • Reinforcement of security and trust in information and network systems
  • Making Industry 4.0 communications secure

Team members

Key words

  • Information system security
  • Internet of Things
  • V2X communications security
  • Trust
  • Privacy
  • Cybersecurity

Scientific publications

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