Image, Modeling, Analysis, GEometry, Synthesis [IMAGES]

The IMAGES team (Image, Modeling, Analysis, GEometry, Synthesis) carries out research in image analysis and understanding, computer vision and 3D computer graphics, covering the entire spectrum of the modeling, analysis, transformation, representation, interpretation and synthesis of images, 3D and digital objects. The team focuses on the modeling of images, tri-dimensional and numerical objects, with the development of mathematical models, ranging from the physical acquisition to the high-level interpretation, and artificial intelligence models (spatial reasoning, knowledge representation). The team has also a strong expertise in computer graphics for geometric modeling, image synthesis, virtual reality and 3D interactive systems. The team deals with applications in medical imaging, remote sensing imaging, computational photography and creative industries.


Our key contributions are in the following fields:

  • Mathematical methods and artificial intelligence
  • Virtual reality and computer graphics
  • Image processing applications to the society


Team members

  • Florence Tupin, Professor, team leader
  • Isabelle Bloch, Professor
  • Pietro Gori, Associate Professor
  • Yann Gousseau, Professor
  • Christophe Kervazo, Associate Professor
  • Said Ladjal, Associate Professor
  • Henri Maître, Emeritus Professor
  • Alasdair Newson, Associate Professor
  • Michel Roux, Associate Professor
  • Jean-Marc Thiery, Associate Professor
  • Kiwon Um, Associate Professor

Associated members and members on leave

  • Catherine Adamsbaum (CHU Bicêtre)
  • Elsa Angelini (Imperial College)
  • Isabelle Bloch (Sorbonne Université)
  • Tamy Boubekeur (Adobe)
  • Hong Sun (Wuhan University)


Key words

  • Mathematics and artificial intelligence for images, restoration, stochastic image modeling, machine learning and deep learning, discrete mathematics, algebraic and structural models, symbolic AI
  • Computer graphics, geometrical and topological analysis, rendering
  • Remote sensing imaging, medical imaging, computational photography, creative industries

Scientific publications

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