ECOGE is a multidisciplinary group that focuses on economics, law and management and whose research projects explore our understanding of digital transformations and their impact on the economy, companies and public policy.

Research activities are based on a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies and, in keeping with the group’s mission, research is both theoretical and empirical, and intended for academics as well as for public bodies. For instance, ECOGE has designed a theoretical data taxation model, which has contributed to France Stratégie’s work on that topic. Research projects provide fresh insight on topics that include digital platforms, blockchain, artificial intelligence, algorithms, data, the sharing economy, digital entrepreneurship, frugal innovation and data privacy.

PhD candidates

  • Andres Raphaela, Economics
  • Arnaud-Joufray Enrick, Economics
  • Bazenet Flavien, Management Science
  • Belletti Chiara, Economics
  • Bertrand Astrid, Economics
  • Billion Julien, Management Science
  • Camara Youssouf, Economics
  • Darlas Pierre-François, Economics
  • Die Noémie, Economics
  • Jasak Tin, Economics
  • Karray Mohamed Ali, Economics
  • Malgalhaes Francisco, Economics
  • Marks Hannes, Economics
  • Munoz Acevedo Angela, Economics
  • Olivo Dilia-Carolina, Economics
  • Raizonville Adrien, Economics
  • Revol Marc, Management Science
  • Thebaudin Guillaume, Economics
  • Tondi Lorenzo, Economics
  • Vamparys Xavier, Economics



  • Keller Jonathan, Law
  • Monardo Julien, Economics

Visiting professors

  • Bacache Maya, Economics
  • Benzoni Laurent, Economics
  • Delort Pierre, Economics
  • Fautrero Valérie, Management Science
  • Gaudin Germain, Economics
  • Lagos Toro Vicente, Economics
  • Lebart Ludovic, Economics
  • Lebourges Marc, Economics
  • Pogorel Gérard, Economics
  • Puel Gilles, Management Science
  • Vallée Alain, Economics
  • Zulehner Christine, Economics


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