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Stephan Clémençon is a full professor at Télécom Paris, Institut Mines-Télécom, and head of the S2A Research Team (Statistics and Applications). He carries out his research activity in applied math in the Télécom Paris LTCI Lab. His research topics are mainly related to machine learning, probability and statistics. He is in charge of the Big Data Post-Master Degree at Télécom Paris. He held the Machine Learning for Big Data Chair from 2013 to 2018 and is now deeply involved in the « Data Science and AI for Digitalized Industry and Services » research chair.


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Activités : enseignement, recherche, projetsActivities : Teaching, Research, Projects


Before coming to Télécom Paris, Stephan Clémençon I worked as a Teacher-Researcher at Paris X University (2000-2005) and researcher in the Research Unity INRA Met@risk (2005-07). He was also member of the lab LPMA (Stochastic Modeling and Probability) of Universities Paris 6 and Paris 7 UMR CNRS N° 7799. He received hisuniversity education from University Paris 7 Denis Diderot (PhD in Applied Maths, visiting the Department of Statistics of Stanford University, 1997-1998).

His main research contributions are in the fields of machine-learning, stochastic processes and nonparametric statistics. He also has an immoderate taste for stochastic modeling and applied statistics in various application areas, ranging from quantitative finance to biosciences, through signal and image processing.

Teaching activities

Télécom Paris

Martingale Theory – MACS 203
Machine Learning – MDI 343
Advanced Machine Learning – INFMDI 341
Advanced Nonparametric Statistics SD-TSIA 205
Meetup Big Data – INFMDI 722
Projects Big Data – INFMDI 780

Ensae Paris

Advanced Techniques in Statistical Learning

Université Paris Diderot – M2MO

An Introductory Course to Statistical Learning

ENS Paris Saclay – MVA

Probability and Stochastic Processes – Refresher course

Corps des Mines

Pesto IoT
AI Initiative – Learning Expedition

Ecole Polytechnique – Master Data Science

Machine Learning: From Theory to Practice – MDI 926

ENPC ParisTech – Post Master degree Smart Mobility

A Tour of AI for Mobility Data/Applications

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