Signal, Statistics and Learning [S2A]

The skills of the Signal, Statistics and Learning (S2A) team are organized in four strategic themes, all relating to data analysis:

  • 1. Machine learning
  • 2. Probability and statistics
  • 3. Signal processing and audio data analysis
  • 4. Automatic analysis of social signals



Four strategic themes:


Machine learning

Machine learning is a field that lies at the interface of mathematics and computer science. It aims to develop concepts and algorithms for the automatic analysis of big data, usually for prediction purposes.

Probability and statistics

Probability and statistics is a field that brings together all the techniques for the estimation and quantification of uncertainty, based on probabilistic modeling and statistical inference.


Signal processing and audio data analysis

Signal processing and audio data analysis is a field that relates to methods for data decomposition, representation learning and parametric modeling for audio signals and data in various applications such as source separation, musical information retrieval (MIR), the analysis of sound scenes, musical acoustics, the analysis of physiological signals, especially electroencephalographic (EEG) signals, and the transformation of audio signals.

Automatic analysis of social signals

Automatic analysis of social signals is a field that focuses on the computational models of social interaction analysis in web analytics, opinion analytics and social robotics.


Team members

Key words

  • Statistics
  • Probabilistic modeling
  • Machine learning
  • Data science
  • Audio and social signal processing

Associated members

  • Gérard Blanchet, distinguished Professor
  • Maurice Charbit, distinguished Professor
  • Yves Grenier, distinguished Professor
  • Patrice Bertail, invited Professor
    (Professor at Paris X university)
  • Eric Moulines, invited Professor
    (Professor at école Polytechnique)
  • Aurélien Bellet, invited Associate Professor
    (Researcher INRIA Lille)
  • Romain Brault, invited Associate Professor
    (Researcher Thalès R&T)
  • Stéphane Gentric, invited Associate Professor
    (Researcher IDEMIA R&T)
  • Alexandre Gramfort, invited Associate Professor
    (Researcher INRIA Saclay)
  • François Lainée, invited Associate Professor

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