Séminaire ICE « Trends and challenges of low-power autonomous devices »

May 6th 2021, 2 pm
Online event
As the number of connected devices growths rapidly, the self-sustainability of these devices becomes a major challenge. The battery-based operation of these devices is a b
ottleneck towards their long scale deployment. To face up with this challenge, much research has focused on collecting energy from the environment, such as solar, radio frequency or thermal energy, to sustain their operation.
In this talk, an overview of different energy sources will be presented with a main emphasis on the radio-frequency energy and the associated hardware challenges.

Kyriaki Niotaki joined Telecom Paris as maître de conférences in November 2020. Kyriaki was awarded her PhD from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) in Barcelona for her thesis on the design of efficient microwave power amplifier systems. After the completion of her PhD studies, she spent a few years in industry as an RF Design Engineer, where she worked on the design of 4G small cells, before returning to academia. In 2018, she joined Maynooth University, Ireland, initially as a Post-Doctoral Researcher and subsequently as a Lecturer/Assistant Professor.