Environmental impact of ICT: Laura Draetta involved in an European study

A study about the environmental impacts of ICT in Europe is conducted under the direction of GreenIT.fr, a group of experts in digital responsibility, on behalf of the European Parliament group The Greens/EFA. Laura Draetta, associate professor at Télécom Paris, contributed to this study.
Laura Draetta is an environmental sociologist. She has been an associate professor at Télécom Paris since 2006 and simultaneously carries out her research at the Interdisciplinary Institute on Innovation (joint research unit of CNRS). She is co-holder of the RD-ID Chair created at Télécom Paris in partnership with Thales to investigate the theme of responsible digital identity.
« This paradox [of more environmental impacts created by a technology used to limit environmental impacts] became an increasing issue in relation to the Internet of Things, which envisions a society where any object can be identified remotely. »